What is VMC Job Work

VMC stands for Vertical Machining Center, and VMC job work refers to the process of outsourcing specific machining or manufacturing tasks to a machine shop or service provider that specializes in using VMC. 4 Axis VMC job Work of a vast category of VMC Milling job Work and an efficient way for companies to obtain high-quality components without having to invest in the expensive machinery and expertise for in-house production. This type of product is used for four-sided machining that exterminates individual flipping and reduces the system time of parts prime on three-axis machining centers. VMCs are operated primarily and work as metal cutting machines that easily remove steel, aluminum, or other hand materials. We used VMCs for cutting, drilling, carving, engraving, tapping, and several other applications.


Why Choose Global Precision for VMC Job Work

Global Precision is an expert in the 4 axis VMC job work, delivering the best quality for its clients. We deliver an expansive range of VMC Job Work for our customers. Global Precision delivers these VMC Machining Job Work services within the strict timelines given by its quality while maintaining superior quality and finish. Global Precision is the country’s leading job work firm offering high-performing VMC milling and turning components since its inception in 2011.

Advantages of VMC Machine

Vertical machining centers deliver several advantages over horizontal machining, such as:

High-Speed Machining

VMCs can operate at high speeds, reducing cycle times and increasing overall production efficiency.

Tool Changer

Most VMCs feature automatic tool changers, allowing for rapid tool changes and the ability to use a variety of cutting tools in a single setup.

Energy Efficiency

Many VMCs are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to older machining technologies. This can lead to cost savings over time.


Space Utilisation

VMCs have a relatively compact footprint compared to some other machining equipment, making them suitable for manufacturing facilities with limited space.

Tool Life Management

VMCs often have features to monitor tool wear and automatically change tools when necessary, optimizing tool life and reducing downtime.


VMCs can consistently produce parts with high repeatability, reducing, variability in the manufacturing process.

Global Precision delivers our customers with productive VMC Machine Job Work in Delhi NCR for milling, grinding, drilling, lathe work, and several other related services. We deliver resilience in formulating many new products that comply with the client's requirements and according to the instances and drawings that the customer delivers to us. Our whole suite of modernized 4 Axis VMC job Work services is equipped to meet the requirements of several industries across Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A 4-axis VMC (Vertical Machining Center) machine is capable of performing a combination of machining jobs with accuracy. It can handle operations like milling, drilling, contouring, and profiling on workpieces. The machine's fourth axis adds rotational capability, allowing for the machining of multiple sides of a workpiece and creating complicated geometries and difficult features.
"4 axis VMC job work" refers to the process of outsourcing machining tasks to a 4-axis VMC machine shop. In this context, a company or individual contracts a machining service provider with a 4-axis VMC machine to manufacture specific components or parts as per their design and engineering requirements.
4 axis VMC job work differs from traditional job work, typically involving standard 3-axis machines, in several ways –
  1. Complexity – 4 axis VMC job work allows for the machining of more intricate and complex components due to the added rotational axis. Traditional job work is limited to linear movements along three axes.
  2. Efficiency – The fourth axis in 4-axis VMC job work can reduce setup times and increase production efficiency by enabling simultaneous machining from multiple angles. Traditional job work may require multiple setups for similar tasks.
  3. Versatility – 4-axis VMC job work offers greater versatility in terms of part geometry and design possibilities. It can accommodate a wider range of workpiece shapes and features.
  4. Precision – 4-axis VMC machines often provide higher precision and accuracy, making them suitable for components with tight tolerances. Traditional job work may have limitations in achieving such precision.
Material selection is crucial in 4 axis VMC job work because it directly impacts the final component's properties and performance. Different materials have varying strengths, hardness, thermal properties, and corrosion resistance. The choice of material must align with the specific application requirements to ensure that the machined component meets the necessary standards and functions effectively.

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